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Here we introduce Asakusa Orange Street Shopping Arcade Here we introduce you to the Asakusa Orange Street Shopping Arcade!

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In the area from Nakamise to Roku-gu, Nakamise, Asakusa Chuo-dori, Orange-dori, and Roku-gu Broadway/Sushiya-dori line up vertically, and among them, Orange-dori runs through exactly half of the area.

Walking along Denboin Street (Kokusai-dori side) from Sensoji Temple, you will soon see the Denboin Gate on your right and the Asakusa Public Hall on your left. From Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station, the Asakusa Public Hall can be seen from the entrance on Denboin-dori. When you reach Star Square in front of the Asakusa Public Hall, you will find yourself on Orange Street.

▲Asakusa Public Hall
▲The Star's Handprint
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▲The popular Mr. Orente
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▲Mr. Orente's post

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